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Looking for a partner on myDates: find happiness now

Using the internet and dating sites or apps is the most popular way to find a partner. Or at least it is if you are actively looking for a partner. Of course, many couple still continue to meet in the course of their everyday lives, through work, mutual friends or a particular hobby. However, once you have decided that you no longer want to be alone, searching online is a good idea.

Getting an idea of what someone is like

Generally speaking, the older you get, the more specific your expectations when it comes to your potential partner. Many people even know exactly who is right for them at a very young age. Maybe, you are also one of these people. Granted, when you meet someone in the course of your everyday life, you notice straight away whether they smoke or not. However, their ideas when it comes to family planning are not immediately obvious. You can hardly ask them to answer a list of questions with your exclusion criteria for a relationship.

That is precisely the advantage of online dating. When you register with a dating site, you are initially likely to do so anonymously because you just want to have a look around. If you use one of the larger providers, such as myDates, you will usually soon find potentially suitable singles close to where you live. You can initially look at their photos and view their profiles. Thanks to the information provided by the members when they register, you can view everything at a glance. In different circumstances, it would probably take several dates to learn all of this. Looking for a partner that is truly compatible with you is considerably easier this way.

Starting the search

Let’s imagine that you have registered with myDates and completed your profile. The first singles in your area will already be shown to you as soon as you log in. The first step towards finding a partner is therefore extremely easy, as the pictures are large enough for you to get a good idea of what they look like. The age and name of the member are also shown below the picture. This makes it easy narrow down your choice of potential candidates.

The second step of the partner search is to then click on the individual profiles, where you will see more detailed information about the person. You can gain some more first impressions from additional photographs.

Daring to go one step further

Maybe, you initially refrained from uploading a photo of yourself when you created your profile. However, you should add one at this point in time, at the latest. Just like you, the other people who are looking for a partner would also like to get an idea of what you look like before they agree to take things further. If you don’t have a nice recent photo of yourself on hand, just take a selfie. Make a bit of an effort and look for a suitable background that tells people a bit more about your character. If you are a nature lover, take a photo on a meadow. If you like to dress well, carefully choose your outfit beforehand. As soon as the photo has been uploaded, you can write to other members and contact them directly. You are unlikely to have to wait for too long before your first singles chat.

More success in finding a partner

Of course, you can find more than one app for singles that are looking for a partner online. If you decide to use myDates, you know that a large number of singles are waiting to meet you. Members from all regions are looking for a partner via myDates. Simply register for the web app for free, or download the app on your smartphone.

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